What NEHPBA is doing for you

NEHPBA is working hard for our members:

  • NEHPBA was able to get Biomass and Renewable Propane language into the Renewable Fuels legislation being heard in MA this session!
  • NH SB 86 was signed into law in New Hampshire! This is an omnibus legislative bill allowing consumers to decide how they want to heat their homes.
  • Members of the Massachusetts Coalition for Sustainable Energy (MCSE).
  • Had over 60 legislative site visits at dealer locations across our region to discuss adverse legislation, effects of electrification on our businesses and communities and to work with legislators on the Climate Plan. 
  • Had an amendment added to the MA Climate Plan with language that all 10 Fossil Fuel Free Pilot Program towns must have a minimum of 10% affordable housing.
  • Met with legislators in NY to discuss carve-out language for alternative backups for heating and cooking in 2024 legislation.
  • Met with legislators in NY to discuss language for a woodstove change-out program in 2024 legislation.
  • Email campaign on the Clean Heat Standard in MA.
  • Have become Plaintiffs in NY litigation to oppose the Fossil Fuel ban in New York State.
  • Offered testimony to the MA Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities, & Energy on 18 bills.
  • Submitted written testimony and email campaign for VT members.
  • Submitted written testimony on RI Carbon Tax Bill and beginning a legislative outreach campaign in Rhode Island to prevent fossil fuel ban legislation.
  • Recently hired Matt Cota with VermontFuels as a lobbyist in VT.
  • Publishing regular press releases on "energy diversity and security."
  • Continuing CEUs trainings for Building Inspectors, Home Inspectors and AHJs in New England
  • Created legislative outreach toolbox so that NEHPBA members can more easily communicate with legislators about the effect of fossil fuel bans.
  • Created "Gas Ban Toolkit" so that members can educate their customers on the effects of gas bans in our communities.
  • Excellent 2023 NEHPBA annual meeting and 2nd annual golf tournament with owner education, tech education and building official education.
  • Grew our NEHPBA membership over the past 3 years!
  • Increased social media followers from 5 to almost 900!

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