What we are doing for you

What we are working on Right Now in 2021:

  • NEHPBA is now part of the Massachusetts DPU stakeholder process in the Roadmap to Net Zero – this is big news!
  • NH SB 86 was signed into law in New Hampshire! This is an omnibus legislative bill allowing consumers to decide how they want to heat their homes
  • Members of the Massachusetts Coalition for Sustainable Energy (MCSE)
  • Members of the New York State Small Business Coalition
  • Submitted written testimony and initiated an email campaign for NH member on SB 86 Energy Choice Omnibus Bill - passed and signed into NH Law!
  • Submitted testimony and initiated an email campaign for NY members calling for a cost-benefit study by the CAC
  • Connecticut Propane Cylinder Product Stewardship Bill for which we offered opposition testimony, Appears Dead - HB 6386
  • Met with MA Reps Dykema and  Roy to talk about the roadmap and what it means for our members
  • Met with over 38 state legislators in all seven states to discuss the effects of electrification on our businesses and communities
  • Offered testimony to the MA Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities, & Energy on 18 bills that are currently being heard
  • Submitted written testimony and email campaign for VT members re VT Senate Bill H152
  • Submitted written testimony on RI Carbon Tax Bill
  • Submitted written testimony on Rhode Island climate policy legislation (SB 78)
  • Submitted written testimony and email campaign for VT members re VT Senate Bill H152 
  • Publishing regular press releases on "energy diversity and security"
  • Submitted comments on the MA Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2030
  • Submitted public comments in opposition of gas ban legislation in Burlington, VT, NY, Portland/South Portland, ME and MA.
  • NEHPBA was integral in the writing and editing of the MCSE letter to the conferees and to Gov Baker regarding the MA Climate Bill.
  • Submitted a comment letter on behalf of our members to the Conference Committee and to Gov Baker regarding the MA Climate Bill
  • Submitted comments on MA Clean Environment Climate Plan Roadmap for 2030
  • Offered testimony - MA Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2030
  • Submitted testimony on RI H5445 the 2021 act on climate Update: Held for further study
  • Testified in support of CT SB 152 to allow electronic delivery of delivery tickets - Update: Bill is moving forward
  • Offered comments in support CT HB 6412 a biofuels bill to educate the committee about the importance of energy diversity
  • Testified in opposition of NH HB 172 a GHG climate bill
  • Testified in support of NH HB 399 a bill to change the focus of NH's energy consumption reduction goal to GHG emissions rather than fossil fuels. Update: Killed in committee
  • Testified in support of NH SB 86 a bill to protect propane from state bans 
  • Testified in opposition of NH SB 115 a GHG climate bill
  • Submitted comments on the VT Comprehensive Energy Plan Update 
  • Sent introductory and welcome letters to all state legislators in all 7 states
  • Created "Gas Ban Toolkit" so that members can educate their customers on the effects of gas bans in our communities.

A Few Things NEHPBA Accomplished in 2020:

  • Board of Building Regulations & Standards, MA (BBRS) - State Wide NetZero Building code - Testified at Public Hearing and submitted written comments. Got BBRS to "stay" the vote in Nov 2019 and to vote AGAINST in May 2020, removing this completely from the agenda.
  • A MCSG/NEHPBA Members-Only webinar with David Ismay, former Undersecretary of Climate Initiative to Governor Baker re the path to Net-Zero – this is the highest government official we have ever had the ear of one-on-one for a 1-hour conversation.
  • MA Attorney General Healy voted against the Brookline, MA city-wide gas ban - Submitted written testimony on behalf of our members and initiated a letter-writing/email campaign to the MA AG in July 2020.
  • MA S.2842 State-Wide Gas Ban Legislative Amendment we had overturned through a phone call/email campaign by our members.
  • Overturned MA amendment 61 to House Climate Bill that had removed language about improving greenhouse emissions through the use of biomass/wood/proper forestation - email writing campaign for members to Massachusetts House of Reps.
  • Grew our NEHPBA social media followers from 5 to almost 900!

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