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Natural Gas Ban Toolkit

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Northeast HPBA Board strongly believes that we must join together and work in a coordinated way to face our regional challenges. New England and New York are at the forefront of many electrification and gas ban regulations and legislation. We have provided here some resources and created “tools” for our regional members so that we can work together to make a larger impact on a regional basis.

We have designed a “Tool Box” of information in the form of brochures and social media posts for members to use in their businesses to better communicate and inform YOUR customers about the costs and ramifications of banning natural gas and propane.

Many New England and New York communities have passed or are discussing banning the use of natural gas in new residential construction and a consortium of environmental groups are very active in adding to this list on a regular basis. We need to join together and communicate with our customers and our communities.

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NEHPBA believes that it is critical to lower carbon emissions based on solid science and technology. Requiring communities to be all-electric does not achieve the intended reduction due to inefficiencies with generation, distribution, and lack of storage. A balanced energy portfolio including natural gas, propane, solid fuel, electricity, and existing and emerging renewable technologies is the most effective way to lower carbon emissions for our planet.

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