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NY & RI Standing Pilot Standards Update

16 June 2023

Just last week, the industry as a whole found out about a standing pilot rule in New York, yesterday we found out about a similar rule in Rhode Island. Manufacturers are working on this and putting together a communication to be sent to you.

New York:

In 2022, NYSERDA adopted a rule for Standing Pilots which goes into effect on June 26, 2023.*

If a fireplace manufactured after June 26th has a continuous pilot (or the ability to be switched to a continuous pilot, e.g., CPI or cold climate function), it cannot be sold. If the product is IPI or On-Demand – or the product with continuous pilot was manufactured before June 26, 2023 – you can still sell it.

Again, your product inventory that you have now and any appliance manufactured before June 26, IS safe to sell at any point.

This only affects those units manufactured AFTER 6/26/23.

Direct vent heaters and decorative fireplaces, inserts and stoves with the up to seven days On-Demand/timed pilots and IPI controls are fine.

These are the main points:

(1) Gas fireplaces shall comply with the following requirements:

(i) Gas fireplaces shall be capable of automatically extinguishing any pilot flame when the main gas burner flame is established and when it is extinguished;

(ii) Gas fireplaces must prevent any ignition source for the main gas burner flame from operating continuously for more than seven days;

(iii) Decorative gas fireplaces must have a direct vent configuration, unless marked for replacement use only; and,

(iv) Heating gas fireplaces shall have a fireplace efficiency greater than or equal to 50% when tested in accordance with CSA P.4.1-15,” Testing Method for Measuring Annual Fireplace Efficiency

The rules for each state are the same, except for one difference in RI.

Rhode Island:

The state’s previous appliance standards from 2005 were recently updated as of January 1, 2023. The requirements are the same as in New York.

Compliance for Distributors, Dealers, and Installers:

To comply with the New York State Appliance and Equipment Efficiency Standards, distributors, retailers, and installers must verify that regulated products are listed in the appropriate database prior to sale, lease, rental, or installation.

SASD Verification Process for Distributors, Dealers, and Installers:

Verification must be confirmed using the SASD Data base.

  • Visit SASD website https://spl.mendixcloud.com/index.html.
  • Use the filters to select the product category that you are verifying for compliance.
  • Type in the model number, manufacturer name, or brand using the Search bar.

If the product you’re verifying compliance for cannot be identified, download the search results for a single product category using the Export Products button. Use the Excel search function ‘Find’ to search for the model number you are verifying.


  • Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers, and Installers who install non-compliant products may be subject to fines up to $500 per violation and $100 per day thereafter.
  • Anyone who lists a certification for a product knowing that the product does not comply with the standards shall be liable for a civil penalty of not more than $10,000 for each day that the violation continues.


Your manufacturers have been informed and have begun the certification process. Please reach out to your manufacturers with any questions about certification, product verification, or for more information.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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